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Customize your lawn, yard, or garden with professional landscaping in Prospect, KY, from Taylor Landscaping.

Whether you own a business or a home, your outdoor spaces tell the world about your property. They can also provide functional or recreational areas to enjoy events and gatherings with the most important people in your life. Professional lawn maintenance is second only to expert landscaping services in perfecting your residential or commercial property. 

Our landscaping team makes your property work for you. We service clients who crave traditional, manicured properties. Our team also works with property owners who value natural beauty and features for local wildlife. Learn more about Taylor Landscaping and what we offer to Prospect residents. 

“Taylor did a great job placing a walkway on our property and came up with a low maintenance and cost-effective solution for a problem spot in our back yard where our grass wouldn’t grow. Great company to work with!”

Services: Landscape Design, Garden Design

Cheri G.


Idyllic Commercial and Residential Landscapes for Prospect Properties

Prospect, Kentucky is unique in that it spans two counties: Jefferson and Oldham. It offers no shortage of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Rent a simple watercraft at Nachand Canoe & Kayak. Play a few rounds at Nevel Meade Golf Course. 

Extend your love of nature and the outdoors to your home or business with expert landscape design and maintenance from Taylor Landscaping. We can transform your property into a lush yet practical paradise with masterfully crafted features and vibrant plant life. Let’s make your dream a reality. 

Our Prospect Landscaping Services

Who doesn’t want a gorgeous patio, yard, or garden to enjoy year-round? The primary issue is that flawlessly manicured outdoor areas require lots of work. The work doesn’t stop when the weather becomes uncomfortable. 

In fact, it becomes even more essential. Temperatures in Prospect, Kentucky, rise into the high 80s. Sometimes, they might peak into the low 90s. 

You don’t want to spend your weekends sweating bullets in the hot summer sun as you keep your commercial or residential property perfectly maintained. Let our landscaping pros handle the grunt work instead! 

Landscaping Prospect KY

Landscaping Maintenance

If you already have a few landscaping features you adore, you want them to look their best year-round. Our team can tackle tiny details and big projects seamlessly, making your property look flawless. For example, mulch and gravel need refreshing every once in a while. 

Flowerbeds sometimes have weeds that need pulling and gardens gather unsightly debris, like sticks, limbs, and dead leaves. We keep these areas tidy and rejuvenated to welcome the growing season. 

Trees and Shrubbery

Shrubs, trees, and large foliage make an otherwise plain property stand out. These plant varieties provide shade, color, and visual interest. Let’s not forget that they help diversify local wildlife. We can plant, prune, and nourish your healthy, long-lived, and well-loved trees and shrubs.

Tree Services

Trees require trimming, fertilization, and disease control to keep them healthy year-round. Whether you recently planted Kentucky’s state tree — the tulip tree  — or you have a collection of mature oaks, you can trust our crew to shape their crows, remove problematic branches, and nourish the soil for continued health.


Flowers and foliage add vibrance to any outdoor space. However, only certain varieties can thrive in Kentucky’s hot, humid climate. We can select seasonal and perennial varieties that never fail to visually delight you, no matter the weather. Don’t forget about native wildflowers to protect the local insect population!  

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Our Hardscaping Services in Prospect, Kentucky

Hardscapes add texture and visual variety to your residential or commercial property in Prospect, Kentucky. So, why stop at basic flowerbeds, towering trees, and blooming shrubs when you can enrich your property with rock walls, attractive drainage solutions, and more?

We do more than routine landscaping in Prospect, KY. Taylor Landscaping also designs, builds, and maintains gorgeous hardscaping features. Add a touch of natural wonder to your property with our services below. 

Request an estimate for commercial or residential landscaping services in Prospect, Kentucky. 

Hardscaping Prospect KY

Outdoor Kitchens

Take your next cookout to the next level with a fully equipped outdoor kitchen. We design and build outdoor kitchens for Prospect residents to enjoy fresh air, flavorful Southern staples, and conversation. The kitchen is the heart of the home. Therefore, every nature lover or outdoor enthusiast deserves to enjoy their home’s heart where they feel happiest. 

Water Features

Bring the serene beauty of Harrods Creek Park into your own lawn with man-made water features. Taylor Landscaping can design ponds and streams that resemble natural water bodies, perfect for fish and aquatic plants. Alternatively, we can install more stately, polished features, like traditional fountains.

Add a stony seating area around the water feature for the perfect hangout space. We believe water features are the crown jewels of a uniquely landscaped property and we would love to accentuate the natural beauty of your home or business with one of our installations. 

Paved and Stone Surfaces

Pathways, patios, and similar infrastructure make your outdoor areas more functional and visually appealing. For example, you might have a storage shed a few yards away from your porch. Tall grass, sharp stones, and other tripping hazards might make your brief walk more difficult. 

We can craft a stone pathway to make the short journey easier and safer. We can also build paved or stone patios to add comfortable, level surfaces for grills, firepits, and lawn furniture. Our work enables you to take full advantage of your outdoor spaces

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can double as erosion prevention and softscape protection. You can keep your flowers and foliage securely contained with a sturdy rock wall. You can also prevent soil from rapidly eroding and destroying your property by retaining sloped areas with a handcrafted retaining wall. 

Did we mention that these features add impeccable visual interest to your property? You’ll notice the difference when we finish building the structure.  

“Yearly hedge trimming along our backyard fence. These guys “get it done”. Neat work and they haul away trimmed debris. It’s how I would do it if I could do it myself. I call ’em each year. Nice folks to deal with. A+ work”

Services: Landscape Design, Garden Design

Bill B.


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Taylor Landscaping in Prospect, KY, Makes Outdoor Living Beautiful

Outdoor living is part of a healthy, active lifestyle. Home and business owners can fall in love with their properties all over again by redefining their outdoor spaces.  

At Taylor Landscaping in Prospect, KY, we practically do it all! Contact us to enjoy more experiences, memories, and events outside with the beautiful backdrop of your carefully crafted paradise. Call 502-709-3708 to learn more today. 

Prospect’s Most Trusted Landscaping Company


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