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Make your commercial or residential property stunning with professional landscaping in Goshen, KY. Choose Taylor Landscaping for outdoor design and yard maintenance solutions. 

Taylor Landscaping understands that achieving a beautiful outdoor space requires plenty of work and dedication. Our experts are happy to provide your property with the landscaping care it needs. Find out more about us and our mission if you’re looking for a professional landscaping company to transform your home or business. 

Discover how we can elevate your outdoor space with landscape design expertise and seamless installation. You can’t go wrong with our team on your side. 

“Taylor did a great job placing a walkway on our property and came up with a low maintenance and cost-effective solution for a problem spot in our back yard where our grass wouldn’t grow. Great company to work with!”

Services: Landscape Design, Garden Design

Cheri G.


Why Your Goshen Property Needs Landscaping Services

As much as you maintain the interior of your home or business, people will form negative opinions if the outside area looks run-down and neglected. Lawn care and landscaping can do wonders for any property and boost curb appeal. Our team has the proper equipment and knowledge to add stunning features like outdoor kitchens and vibrant garden beds to any residential property while helping local business owners with property maintenance and planting. 

At Taylor Landscaping, our main priority is delivering customer satisfaction with every service. We don’t consider the job complete unless you’re happy with the result and will go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. Reach out to our friendly specialists to learn how we can help you. 

Explore Professional Landscaping in Goshen, KY

Keeping up appearances can help your property suit the affluent area of Goshen. Taylor Landscaping is here to aid your efforts and provide professional solutions. Check out the services available for Goshen residents below. 

Goshen Landscaping

Tree Services

Not all contractors offering landscaping in Goshen, KY provide tree services. At Taylor Landscaping, we have the equipment and training to handle some of the area’s common tree species. Give us a call if the trees around your property feature overgrown or unruly branches, and we’ll safely trim the canopy to optimize tree health. 

You can also count on us for cleanup services if severe weather knocks a tree down in your area. Other tree care services we provide include:

  • Tree removal
  • Planting
  • Stump grinding

No tree is too big or too small for our team to handle. 

Tree and Shrub Care

An overlooked aspect of landscaping in Goshen, KY, involves caring for trees and shrubs on a property. These plants add shade and privacy to local homes while creating a cohesive landscape design. If you need new shrubs or trees to line your property and don’t require a lot of maintenance, we have a nursery full of excellent options. 

Garden Installation

Do you love the look of colorful gardens and flower beds but can’t seem to sustain one? Residents in Oldham County rely on our landscapers to create beautiful gardens and maintain them with mulching, weeding, and other tasks. We’ll plant fresh flowers and greenery that thrive in the climate and add beauty to your space. 

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Hardscaping Services We Offer Goshen Residents

The plants that you have around your home enhance its curb appeal but hardscaping features add tremendous property value. Check out the hardscaping services we provide in Goshen and the surrounding communities.

Outdoor Kitchens

What better way to spend summers in Goshen than by gathering with loved ones for a meal outside? Keep your home tidy and organize meals better by installing an outdoor kitchen along your patio. These popular features include high-end appliances and plenty of cabinetry, so you don’t have to travel back and forth to your kitchen with utensils in tow.

Water Features

Do you love being by the water and wish for your own private escape in your backyard? Taylor Landscaping supplies Goshen homes with water features like fountains and ponds to create a serene environment. Our experts use natural stone hardscaping to complement the water feature and add upscale charm. 

We know it might be hard to visualize having a water feature around your property, but our specialists have a creative eye for landscape design. We’ll craft an idea and present it to you for approval before making any drastic changes to your yard.

Patios and Pathways

Whether it has an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or just some comfy furniture, a patio serves as the perfect gathering spot when the weather’s fair. Let our team design a gorgeous patio with sturdy building materials like:

  • Limestone
  • Natural flagstone
  • Brick
  • Travertine
  • Concrete

We can continue the design with paved walkways that extend to other parts of your property, such as a garden or porch. Guests can easily locate your patio by stretching a pathway to your front yard, and pavers help them remain steady on their feet if your yard has a slope. 

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls combine hardscaping and landscaping in Goshen, KY. These features benefit anyone with a sloped yard looking to make the space more functional. 

Yards with sizeable slopes don’t suit objects like raised garden beds or outdoor furniture sets. You might have trouble finding use for the space and also face the possibility of flooding because of natural water runoff. With a retaining wall, you’ll be able to prevent flooding, make the ground appear level, and fill the space on top of the blocks with decorative gravel or mulch. 

“Yearly hedge trimming along our backyard fence. These guys “get it done”. Neat work and they haul away trimmed debris. It’s how I would do it if I could do it myself. I call ’em each year. Nice folks to deal with. A+ work”

Services: Landscape Design, Garden Design

Bill B.


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