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Superior landscape improvements to your Hurstbourne property are just a phone call away—turn to Taylor Landscaping for unbeatable landscape designs and more. 

Do you have a specific vision for your home’s yard or business exterior? Taylor Landscaping is one of the top providers of commercial and residential landscaping in Louisville, KY, and the surrounding communities. We take pride in delivering landscape transformations that will last for years. 

We’re the go-to source for quality landscaping in Hurstbourne, KY. We work with customers to find the best landscape design that perfectly complements their property and preferences. Consider our many positive customer reviews to learn more about our Taylor Landscaping team, services, and professionalism.

Discover why our customers stand by us by reading our customer reviews.

“Taylor did a great job placing a walkway on our property and came up with a low maintenance and cost-effective solution for a problem spot in our back yard where our grass wouldn’t grow. Great company to work with!”

Services: Landscape Design, Garden Design

Cheri G.


Outstanding Landscaping Services for Hurstbourne’s Residential and Commercial Properties

When people search for the best options for landscaping in Hurstbourne, KY, Taylor Landscaping often lands near the top of the list. Despite serving the Louisville area since 2010, owner Josh Taylor has over two decades of experience delivering outstanding landscaping services throughout the community. We understand that Hurstbourne residents take pride in their properties, and we want to help everybody reach their landscaping goals. 

While some people enjoy caring for their lawns and gardens, many others lack the time, equipment, and expertise to give their outdoor spaces a total transformation. That’s where Taylor Landscaping comes in.

Thanks to our expertise in masonry, horticulture, and lawn care, we offer a broad spectrum of landscaping services. Our team understands that stunning landscape design, installation, and maintenance provide many benefits to property owners, including increased property values, enhanced safety, and superior aesthetics. No matter your preferred landscape concept, we have the innovative strategies, skills, and resources to make that concept a reality.

Landscaping Hurstbourne KY

Landscape Installations

We at Taylor Landscaping will work with you to create a custom landscape design with your ideal features and expertly execute that plan. Our company maintains a nursery with hundreds of plants, trees, and shrubs that we can plant within your residential or commercial yard, adding color and dimension to your Hurstbourne property. 

Decorative Gravel and Mulch

Mulch is more than a decorative feature that lines garden beds, pathways, and the bases of trees and bushes to increase the landscape’s visual appeal. The material can also help the soil in your yard retain moisture and nutrients, which are necessary for healthy plant growth.

When you contact us for landscaping in Hurstbourne, KY, we can incorporate different types of organic mulch, such as red, brown, black, and Grade A Cypress mulch, into your landscape. Our company also has an impressive selection of decorative gravel for pathways, gardens, and more. Options include:

  • Black lava rock
  • Pea gravel
  • River blend stone
  • Gray slate chips

Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubbery make fantastic additions to any residential or commercial landscape, regardless of the property’s concept. These majestic plants can provide height, dimension, natural borders, and focal points for a landscape design.

Some of the many local plants we stock in our nursery include:

  • Azaleas
  • Stately maples
  • Ornamental grass
  • Boxwoods

We also work with trusted suppliers who grant us access to trees such as ash, oak, and cherry trees. 

Tree Maintenance

Once you install trees and bushes onto your Hurstbourne property, they’ll need plenty of care and attention to stay strong and healthy. Professional tree care won’t only preserve the health and integrity of your trees and shrubs. It can also prevent dead, dying, diseased, or encroaching trees from damaging your property or becoming hazardous. 

We at Taylor Landscaping specialize in multiple tree care services such as tree planting, tree trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding. Let us use our specialized equipment and professional training to take care of your landscape’s biggest plants.

Outdoor Kitchens

Installing an outdoor kitchen offers a wonderful way to extend your Hurstbourne home’s livable square footage. This hardscape feature is one of our most popular installations because it can transform a drab patio into a memorable outdoor gathering place. 

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Retaining Walls


Retaining walls are both functional and aesthetically pleasing for residential and commercial landscapes. They can prevent soil erosion, create a place for elevated garden beds, provide sturdy outdoor seating, and add more space to a small yard. Our crew can install retaining or boundary walls using top-tier natural stone materials.

Pavers, Patios, Walkways, and Stairs

We at Taylor Landscaping are experts in hardscape installations. Whether you desire an attractive stone patio for relaxing in your backyard or a stable stone walkway for your customers and employees to tread on, we can install it. We can also install stylish ramps and stairs for properties in Hurstbourne with sloped landscapes.

Water Features

Many find the sound of trickling or flowing water to create a sense of calm and tranquility. Consider adding a water feature like a stylish fountain or pond to your landscape design to elevate your yard and make it a wonderful place to relax and unwind. 

Outdoor Lighting

No landscape design is complete without a comprehensive outdoor lighting scheme. Exterior lighting will enhance your landscape, allowing guests to view specific landscape features long after the sun sets. Our landscaping professionals can also install path lights and deck lights to improve the safety and security of your home or business. 

“Yearly hedge trimming along our backyard fence. These guys “get it done”. Neat work and they haul away trimmed debris. It’s how I would do it if I could do it myself. I call ’em each year. Nice folks to deal with. A+ work”

Services: Landscape Design, Garden Design

Bill B.


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Whether you’re interested in elevating your property through hardscaping, lawn care, or garden installations, count on Taylor Landscaping to fulfill your wishes expertly. With our expertise in design, horticulture, masonry, and customer service, we know how to make landscaping in Hurstbourne, KY, a breeze.

You can be sure that with Taylor Landscaping and our crew’s expertise, you’ll have the landscape of your dreams—call (502) 709-3708 for a free estimate or contact us online for more information.

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