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Let your property stand out with professional landscaping in Crestwood, KY, from Taylor Landscaping. 

Take pride in your Crestwood home or business by trusting Taylor Landscaping for basic lawn maintenance, tree services, landscape design, and more. Find out more about us and the ways we help locals improve curb appeal while providing a superior customer experience. You can’t go wrong with our experienced contractors on the job. 

Discover what makes us the leading provider of landscaping in Crestwood and the surrounding areas.

“Taylor did a great job placing a walkway on our property and came up with a low maintenance and cost-effective solution for a problem spot in our back yard where our grass wouldn’t grow. Great company to work with!”

Services: Landscape Design, Garden Design

Cheri G.


The Benefits of Landscaping in Crestwood, KY

The tight-knit community of Crestwood ranks as one of the top places to live in Kentucky and is a prominent place for local business owners. Investing in professional landscaping services helps you boost your property’s curb appeal and maintain healthy vegetation. For commercial properties, this helps customers form a good impression while residential areas become more desirable. 

Consider making your outdoor space safer and more functional with hardscaping options like pathways and outdoor kitchens. No matter what changes you wish to make on your property, Taylor Landscaping has professional solutions. 

Our Top Landscaping Services for Crestwood Residents

Are you ready to transform your yard into a lush haven? Discover the personalized options we offer Oldham County residents. Take advantage of the following services if you’re interested in landscaping in Crestwood, KY.

Landscaping Crestwood KY

Landscape Design

Transforming your outdoor space into a beautiful and functional landscape doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Landscape design is not only about creativity but also involves understanding plants, hardscape elements, and how to create a harmonious environment. Save yourself the effort and potential missteps by entrusting your vision to Taylor Landscaping.

Our experienced team will handle everything from concept to completion, including:

  • Site analysis
  • Custom design planning
  • Plant selection
  • Installation of hardscape features

We take the complexity out of landscape design and ensure your outdoor space reflects your style while enhancing the beauty and value of your property. Let us create a stunning landscape for you to enjoy year-round.

Trees and Shrubbery

Whether you want to add shade, privacy, or color to your property, we have trees and shrubs to meet your needs. Taylor Landscaping partners with local growers and provides our customers with low-maintenance plants from nearby nurseries. Our team will plant trees and shrubs around your property that complement the rest of your landscape design. 

Tree Services

Not all contractors include tree services when they offer landscaping in Crestwood, KY. We cover all of our bases and can trim or remove trees from your property if they no longer serve you. Trust our tree care specialists to take steps that improve the health of your trees and your overall curb appeal. 

Garden Installation

You don’t have to visit Crestwood’s public parks to marvel at beautiful plants and flowers. We can equip your home with gorgeous gardens and flower beds that erupt with color when in bloom. Our experts will create a design for your outdoor space and bring it to life by planting climate-appropriate buds. 

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Crestwood’s Premier Choice for Hardscaping Services

Spending time outside during the spring and summer has never been easier thanks to our hardscaping services that revitalize outdoor spaces. Professionals will come up with a design that meets your requirements and install high-quality materials that will last for years to come.

Hardscaping Crestwood KY

Outdoor Kitchens

Crestwood homeowners can take advantage of their backyards with luxury outdoor kitchens. This sought-after feature not only increases your home’s property value but also facilitates outdoor cooking. Rather than bring your cooking utensils outside for grilling and then transport everything back indoors after the meal, you’ll have a convenient kitchen setup on your patio. 

Let our experts install a complete outdoor kitchen on your property, and your home will become the designated hangout spot for all of your family and friends. You can also add other popular features like fire pits or an extended patio to take your outdoor space to the next level.

Water Features

Even though Crestwood is landlocked, you can enjoy the serenity of being by the water in your own yard. We install elegant water features that provide beauty and charm to any outdoor space. Our installers typically place natural stone around fountains or manmade ponds to highlight these water features.

Consult our experts today if you can imagine yourself watching the water flow from an ornate fountain in your yard or admiring small fish in your freshwater pond. We’ll collaborate with you to get a better idea of your preferences and begin designing your property’s transformation. 

Patios and Pavers

Why place outdoor furniture on the grass to get dirty when you can have a professionally installed patio in your backyard? With the help of Taylor Landscaping in Crestwood, KY, you’ll end up with a spacious stone or concrete patio that welcomes guests for any occasion. Extend the patio with pathways leading to different areas of your home, such as a garden or front yard area. 

Adding pavers around your yard makes for an easier walkway, especially if your yard has a prominent slope. Pavers also enhance the yard’s landscape design and improve curb appeal. Don’t miss out on these popular features. 

Retaining Walls

Does your yard have a distinct slope? If so, you know how difficult it can be to find a use for any area on a hill. You don’t want outdoor furniture or garden beds to be at an angle but leaving the space open promotes water runoff that may lead to flooding. 

Installing a retaining wall solves all of these issues and makes your yard appear level despite the slope. You can enhance the area around the wall by using decorative gravel or mulch around low-maintenance plants. Customize your retaining wall with attractive materials like:

  • Natural stone blocks
  • Limestone
  • Clay bricks
  • Sandstone

Reach out to Taylor Landscaping in Crestwood, KY, to explore the design possibilities for your property. 

Yearly hedge trimming along our backyard fence. These guys “get it done”. Neat work and they haul away trimmed debris. It’s how I would do it if I could do it myself. I call ’em each year. Nice folks to deal with. A+ work

Services: Landscape Design, Garden Design

Bill B.


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